I was working since I was 19. Since then, I know how it feels like to work even if you are not able to get your degree, YET! At a young age, I also knew how hard to earn money for your own and for your family. Even managing my salary for the whole month is hard, spending each penny that I earned and being careful not to spend too much so I would be enough for everything that I need. The feeling of working for 12 hours a day every week, standing most of the time and experiencing a lot more. All these things have thought me in so many ways.

Never did I think that I can still go back to school after all that happened to me. All I think is just work and work and get that all money that I can earn. Not until last year, after almost 11 years of being out of school and working, I decided to go back to school and give it a try one more time and I thank God for it.

The last year, 2016, I gave up working and started my studies again. I am so lucky I been able to enroll at the Trinity University of Asia, also known as TUA, taking Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management since I was in the industry for quite a long time so I think that I will be more than happy and excited in studying this course. Lastly, being in this university is far more different from the college I was before in my hometown.

All I can say is that I had so much fun being in school again. A one year filled with laughter and tears. Hahaha. Met some new set of friends, classmates, and professors. Time flies so fast that I didn’t notice that one school year is officially over. And I killed it! Yay! *sigh

I just want to share some of my favorite random moments I had during the whole year.

First, that sleepless nights of reviewing for an exam, and getting ready for the battle the next day. But after that, all we can do it smile and treat ourselves a good coffee because it’s over.

A student life would not be complete without this obligatory picture with random stuff about studying. Making it your own, artistically shot with school ID, paper, pen, notes, and books. But in reality, you are just sitting there trying to figure out how to get a very good filter of your next Instagram photo or stories not minding those school stuff that you must be taking care of. Hahaha

After the semester, of course, a student life would not be complete again without the sem-ender trip. Haha! With the two girlfriends who’s been so close to me!

All soaked and wet after having that crazy ride at the Enchanted Kingdom with Andrea and Jette

And a lot of first time for me and for some of my friends at the Trinity University of Asia like this one.

What else would be nice then to have a class picture with your fancy looking chef’s uniform, right? This picture was taken at the last meeting of my Food Microbiology class during my first semester.

Food Microbiology last semester of last year. Photo of Kristia Kenept and Kurt Balbin

Lastly, a student’s school year would not be complete as well without having an escape from a very boring class, thinking isn’t nice to just hang out with the closest friend in the restaurant at the mall? Or just having a walk around and window shop?

Late lunch at Backyard UPTC with Andrea

Sometimes I just want all of these memories to be remembered and it makes me smile when I see it. I feel happy I can do it right here and share it.

That’s it for now! Truly my one year at TUA is just awesome. Looking forward in making more memories with it.

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