Did you ever experience having your flight cancelled and don’t know what to do? Well, this blog post is all about my misadventure last December 15, 2017, my last trip before the year ends which is supposedly bound to Siargao but apparently typhoon hits Visayas and Mindanao so that’s where it all started. That day is my actual flight thru Skyjet but it was cancelled so I decided to rebook it the following day and try my luck maybe weather will be good to me but unfortunately it’s also the same thing, by the time I step inside the airport departure, my flight is again cancelled due to bad weather condition. I thought it’s not my day so I just decided to get the full refund of my flight bookings and think of another option where to go nearby Manila that doesn’t need to travel too far. Since I’m already at the airport, I immediately texted some friends and asked some advice where to go so I won’t go home nothing.

And thanks to Andrea, a close friend of mine who tend to be more familiar with places around Manila and always has the idea of just a bit of everything. It’s not my hometown and I consider myself as well who prefer to stay home and chill than to go out, well except if some friends hit me for invites then that’s a different story. Though I stayed in the Metro for more than a year already, I honestly still need to know, visit and explore more.

Going back, I saw this place named Luljetta’s Hanging Garden and Spa on the internet that is one of Andrea’s suggestion aside from Batangas, Laguna, Bataan and more. I looked it online and see the place and check what do they offer. Luljetta’s Place is the one has its accommodation for guest who wants to stay overnight which I actually did. Luljetta’s Hanging Garden and Spa offers this quiet hidden haven on the hill-side of Rizal which made me amazed. I’m going to show some photos of it down below.

Loreland Farm Resort on the other hand cater groups for team buildings, parties and other events who needs a big place for everyone because they have different kinds of pool and offers some activities for all ages. I opt to get a Councillor Room from Luljetta’s place which entitles me the full-access of Garden and Spa and Loreland Resort if ever I want to try their pool anytime which I didn’t tried anymore. I heard from the staff that is has only one owner but different management so if you choose to get a room, they’ll put a wrist band for you as they will know that you are guest from Luljetta’s Place. The whole area needs a walk for like 5 minutes one on the other and vice versa.

Good parking too which can accommodate all.

How To Get There

I said that I’m not from Manila and I don’t drive so I can’t tell you how to go there. Haha 😉 But Uber is what made my misadventure a cool than ever. You can take an Uber going to the place and just put the name itself and it’ll be pop-up as it is.

By the way, my Uber is discounted for 20% since I’m a student. I didn’t able to get Uber anymore going back to Manila, still lucky because I got Grab which cost me almost 500.

Another way, this is from their website if you like, whether you’re coming from EDSA or via C5, just go straight to Ortigas Avenue leading to Rizal province. Pass through the round about in Tikling Taytay, Rizal before going up to Antipolo. In Antipolo, you will reach Hamaka Park then turn right. Rizal Provincial Capitol should be on the left. Go straight then turn right to Unciano Hosp. then from there just follow the signs going to Loreland Farm Resort.

Lastly, it’s also best to use our friend Waze for better navigation going to the place. Me and my Uber ride also use it and we didn’t get lost.

Room Rates to Luljetta’s Place

  • Councillor Studio 12 sqm- 5,440 (Good for 2 pax)
  • Mayor’s Suite 43 sqm- 7,940 (Good for 2 pax)
  • Governor’s Suite 43 sqm- 11,920 (Good for 4 pax)
  • Senator’s Suite 43 sqm- 12,820 (Good for 4 pax)
  • Mykonos Suite 37 sqm- 15,220 (Good for 4 pax)
  • Santorini Suite 52 sqm- 18,220 (Good for 4 pax)

*Rates includes Breakfast and full access to Luljetta’s Hanging Garden and Spa and Loreland Farm Resort. These rates are all weekend rates. Weekdays usually cheaper by 700-1000 per day. Check in by 2PM and check out at 12NN.

Pool Hours

Loreland Farm Resort: 8AM-5PM; 7PM-4AM

Luljetta’s Place: 8AM- 9PM

Luljettas Hanging Garden and Spa: Mon-Fri 10AM-9PM, Sat 10AM-11Pm

Must Try

  • They have the best Panoramic Infinity Pools. The property itself is located in the hillside of Rizal so most of their pools are offering the best panoramic views of the province. It’s perfect, instagramable and at the same time, it’s so quiet which I liked it so much. It also has the Bali inspired robes which add up to the vibes like we see on other blogs. You can enjoy yourself a hydro-massage lying down with your back facing up towards the water falling down to you while you are enjoying the beauty of the hillside and listening to the chirping birds. Very romantic for couples who wants to be alone and relax. The water is freezing cold when I am there so I didn’t enjoy much of swimming that is why I recommend this place on summer.

Relax with this infinity pool and take a lot of photos. Haha
Yes! almost no guest during weekdays that is why you can enjoy all the pool by your own.

  • Finland Made Sauna and Solar Heated Jacuzzi. After hours of soaking yourself in all the pools, another thing you should try is their own heated jacuzzi and sauna. I really enjoyed myself here. By the way, staying in Jacuzzi is only 15 minutes same with the sauna to accommodate all the guest. Just go back to enjoy it more.
Of course, selfie is always there.
Beside the jacuzzi and sauna is this one. Another infinity pool with these amazing back drop. Deserved a good selfie with it.
Chanelling my inner model in me. HAHA
  • The Fish Spa or they call it Doctor Fish. Another reason to enjoy the place is to try this fish spa that they have. It’s very relaxing and very enjoyable. You can get at first the tickling sensation with your feet but you’ll loved it.
So relaxing!
Instagram post!
Another post with that wooden tiny bridge effect in the middle.
You can also hang out here after your appointment with doctor fish.
  • Luljetta’s Signature massage and Antipolo’s best suman. Best way to enjoy the place is trying these things. Dining here is very nice as well. They have 3 restaurants in the whole property. Going further with your stay, don’t forget to try to explore more of Antipolo. Visiting Antipolo Cathedral, Hinulugang Taktak Falls, Pinto Art Museum are just some few things the province can offer. These excursions are minutes away from the property so no need to be missed. Didn’t experience any of these since I just stay for a day but I will definitely recommend all of these to others.
  • Lastly, if you feel like you’re too tired from swimming and walking up and down the hill, you can just sit or even lay down to the cabana lounges with the beautiful mountain in front. And it’s so good for sunset gaming with your love ones. Super cool.
Perfect spot for sunset gaming.
Or just sit in here with your iced cold drink or beer to sum it up.
Perfect to chill here too.

I will show you other photos I had during my stay. You know we Filipinos loved to take pictures anywhere right?

Province feel here and so green.
Good spot for a selfie.
Good for families. (Lakas maka vacation house)
I forgot to take a picture but the centre of this area is a mini pond of Japanese Koi fish.
Another post! I can’t get enough with this umbrellas. HAHA
I told you this place is good for parties.


  1. Mosquitos here and there since property has a lot of trees and vegetation. Though they are doing something about it too.
  2. The suman is so-so for me. Not really commendable. Or maybe just for my taste bud and not sure for the others.
  3. The councillor studio room I got is very simple for the price I pay. Standard and nothing special. I can say it’s not worth it for that amount.

And that would be all for now, don’t forget to send a comment and share. Peace folks! 😉

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