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“You went to Masbate? Where is that?” These are the questions I got from friends after visiting there. Masbate has a lot to offer, and it should be recognized as a great place to visit. Young travelers like me are always updated about famous tourist destinations in our country such as Palawan, Boracay, and Siargao Island to name a few. But there are still a lot of hidden places in our country that need to be seen by all of us – Ticao Island specifically. I am lucky because I was able to visit Masbate for the first time with some friends.

This trip has a lot of “Firsts” for me to be; a first longest land trip I’ve ever been – 14 to 15 hours from Manila depending on traffic. Though it is long, you can enjoy the whole trip by capturing moments of every province you pass through such as seeing majestic hills, rice fields, and beautiful people. Or you can catch a good nap while traveling the road. Sometimes we really need to travel far in order to see new places for us to discover new and exciting things in life.

It was also the first time to be in a province that is part of the Bicol Region; my first time to see Mayon Volcano; and my first time see Altamar Resort in Ticao Island. The resort didn’t fail me with its natural beauty and wonder. It’s great for people who want to be away from the city lights and crowds, and who might want to do a bit of soul searching.  I am going to show you some things I really liked about this amazing place. Let me take you there through some of my photos.

Not so clear, but you can see the famous Mayon Volcano from this spot.

Altamar Beach Resort back then is a vacation place for the family of Altarejos and, later on, developed into a beautiful island resort to offer the best relaxation a guest can have. It’s one of the emerging resorts in Ticao Island and people should see it themselves. My 2-day stay was not enough because I really wanted to stay longer if I just can and I enjoyed it.

I’ve been with several resorts already, and what is good about Altamar Beach Resort is its natural beauty. You will feel like you are just home even you are away from home. You will hear birds chirping around the trees and the buzz of crickets with thousands of stars you will see in the skies at night. Definitely one of those things you wish you can have in a resort in order for you to relax.

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How to get to Altamar Beach Resort – Ticao Island:

From Manila, you can ride a bus from Cubao Araneta Bus Port located just in front of Ali Mall. There are a lot of bus companies traveling to Bulan Sorsogon or going to Bicol Region in general and its available daily. Usually, a trip around 3-4pm is the best trip to take to be at Bulan Port in Sorsogon around 5-6am the next day; just right to start your day after your long journey. You need to choose a trip that leads you to Bulan, Sorsogon as it is an easier way to get to Ticao Island. Discounted fare for students such as myself cost PHP 1,000 depending on the bus company. Please take note that the fare returning to Manila is relatively cheaper at a cost of PHP 800-900.

From Bulan Port, take a ferry boat to San Jacinto Port in Ticao Island for about an hour and a half; and from there, a motorized boat owned by the resort will be waiting to bring you to property. Ferry boat cost PHP 150 per head which is not bad.

Araneta Bus Port in Cubao. Booking ahead of time online gives you more chance of having a nice trip and less hassle in line. You can also get tickets on the day itself but expect the long lines and chances are, you will not get tickets that you want or miss the earlier trip of the day. In my case, I got the 4 pm trip of Amihan bound to Bulan Sorsogon.
The Bulan Bus Terminal waiving at you after the longest ride of your life. Then ride a tricycle to Bulan Port.
The ferry boat leaving the Bulan Port in Sorsogon. Just hop-in then just pay inside. Nothing fancy here so expect to be with other local residents of the island with you and seat sometimes is not so comfortable. I decided to seat outside the deck under the sun since the ferry is almost full when I came.
San Jacinto Port is waiting for you after an hour ride by ferry from Bulan Port. This port consists of local residents offering a ride and assistance. Up to you if you want to avail some.
The busy Bulan Port in Sorsogon. And Mount Bulusan at the background.

There is also another way you can choose. If you can afford to get a flight from Manila to Legazpi then I think this is much easier than land travel. From Legazpi airport, there’s bus offering a trip going to Bulan Sorsogon. Land travel takes you about 14-15 hours by bus compared to spending a little more to go by air which takes you maybe 5-6 hours only. Other bus companies have a sleeping bus if you mainly want to sleep while traveling. One tip: I’m a fan of airline seat sales and usually flights to Legaspi or Masbate are frequently on sale so you can check on that to get a good deal.

Nice trip with this one going back to Manila

So, here are all the things I really loved about Altamar Resort and the reasons why I want to come back for more.

A Quiet Place – I’m really not into fancy when I travel. In fact, I always choose somewhere I can spend less. Relaxation is the number one reason why you travel so here at Altamar Resort, you can definitely have it. You will feel the difference between the bustling city to a province vibes. This property will give you so much serenity and is good for social media detox too. Anyway, you really don’t need the internet when you are there; just enjoy some time for yourself.

The water is so inviting!

• Happy people – They have the happiest people in the resort. I was treated like family, not just a guest. They are the most accommodating staff I have ever met, and they are all locals from the province – so it adds up the feeling at home when you are with them. By the way, staff will also give you coconut leaf chain with ribbon upon your arrival as their personal touch to welcome guests.

Lakas maka-congressman

Best food ever – No doubt, Filipino food is the best. And it was served in a province way that made it more delightful. Honestly, those meals I had in the resort were the best.

Told you, it’s so Filipino!

Picturesque beach area – I took a lot of photos in the beach area because it is always pretty to the eye. Not to mention the beautiful Mayon Volcano you will see from the property. It’s very relaxing to see the waves or just have a walk on the shore barefoot while feeling the water. Plus the coconut trees around make it more visually attractive in the eye.

No need to put caption!
Say hi to Mayon! Far yet so pretty.
Perfect spot for the gram!

Epic sunset – Of course, everyone’s favorite time of the day. The sunset that we are always waiting to come and who has not tried to have a photo or take a snap of the sunset? It’s weird though because though the sunset is not in front of the beach area but on the other side, the colors are still magical.

Homey vibes – Every detail of the resort including the furniture, are matched to each other making the place feel like home. The cozy feeling at night while enjoying the wind breeze from the waters gives you the calm vibes you always wanted.

Picture perfect!
My favorite spot right here. Cable channel available here.

• Dive in – The property also has a beautiful pool area perfect for all ages. Built right in the middle of the resort which gives the best angle for Instagram photos! Overlooking the palm trees at the beach area added more scenery.

• Fitness Program – Offering guests something to stay fit like boxing and Muay Thai available upon request. No more worrying from being away and staying on track.

Warming up before the main event – Boxing. Of course, doing it in front of the beach area and seeing the sunset makes it really good.
Okay, I think I’m all set! Hahaha

• Comfortable rooms – Your comfort is always their priority. Plus they give you the modern look that millennials want through their very artsy villas; perfect for Instagram feed.

This is the closer look.

Relaxing spot everywhere – From the hammocks in front of the beach area to their iconic wood pier with tables and chairs perfect for dining by the water or just relaxing while looking in the water of Ticao Pass.

The natural wind breeze from the shore makes you sleep in this hammock near the beach area.

After my trip to Ticao Island, I am now planning to visit other places around the region. I was totally impressed to Altamar Resort because of its vibes and the province itself. It was quiet and peaceful which I really loved. The spirit of its people is very welcoming and happy – far from the city life I have become accustomed to. It all made me so happy and contented.

And there you have it! Let’s all travel the Philippines. #bestofbicol #bestofticaoisland #bestofmasbate

You can contact Ms. Sheila for more information and rates of the resort. She will be happy to hear from you. Tell her you read my post about the resort and you want to visit the property.

Mobile Number: +63 917 533 9719

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