My name is Fernan! Started working when I was 19 to support my family. Since then, I realised how life can be hard sometimes but this hasn’t stopped me from pursuing my dream. As long as you have ambition and work hard for it, then nothing is impossible.
In 2010, I decided to set up a life in the Middle East and try something different away from my daily routine in my hometown. I’m a former Overseas Filipino Worker similar to the millions of Filipinos in the region. I gained so many experiences and knowledge as a person. I’ve changed in so many ways and see things in a different perspective.
Since then, I’ve been a fan of traveling to see countries I’ve never been to. Back in 2016, I went back home to study Tourism and finish my degree. It is the best decision I ever made in life, and it has opened so many doors for me as well.
I want you to take with me: let’s explore the world together.