Are you one of those people who loves to travel? People who have their own bucket list and still waiting or somehow planning for that next trip? People, who love the beach, water, the sun, and sand? Today I’m going to show you one beautiful paradise which you need to visit before you reach your 30’s. I’m very fortunate because I’ve seen this paradise before I hit 30’s. You’ll absolutely enjoy everything on this one magical island, I can say.

The Maldives has always the reputation of being one of the expensive places, and it’s only for rich people. Yes, I can say you’re right. Private island resort and hotel in the Maldives can break your bank account but as the years go by, some guest houses in the country are already offering budget-friendly places to stay. I’ve been searching over the Internet about Maldives and lots of travel blog know this better. Hence, nothing to worry about traveling to the Maldives. As long as you have a plan, book everything ahead of time, and you search some ideas and what to expect to the country, then worry no more.


Everyone can travel and be in this paradise if you want too. And one good thing about it, it’s visa free for everyone. Yes, also us Filipino’s can go there without worrying how to get a visa. Let’s face it, our passport is not the strongest compared to others, that’s why going out of the country sometimes a pain in the ass. So, all you have to do is go there and the immigration of the Maldives will give you 30 days visa in an instant upon arrival.

Maldives Immigration Passport stamp.

Of course, one important picture you don’t want to miss after you landed to the Maldives is a shot on their Welcome Greeting like this one.

Speaking of the Maldives, it has so many wonderful islands and resorts to choose from. It consists of over 1000 islands scattered at the heart of the Indian Ocean. The people of the Maldives are known as Dhivehin and, although their origins over millennia are varied, as a people they are proud of their island nation.

Obligatory shot from the sky before I land to the paradise.
Almost everyone here loves to take pictures of our destination even we’re still in the sky.

As a sea-faring island nation, the Maldives has been exposed to many different cultural influences. Early inhabitants came mostly from neighboring maritime countries bordering the Indian ocean. Thus, traces of Africa, Malaysia, and Indonesia, as well as of Arabia and India are to be seen in the features of the people.

Deciding which one to visit is a hard choice to make. Those seeking a pampering experience can choose a property with a luxurious spa. Marine lovers can select a resort with a house reef teeming with brightly colored fish, taking to the deep under the guidance of an expert dive center, eat a mouth-watering picnic on a deserted island, enjoy a fine dining experience in tropical splendor or cruise the lagoons in a private and have a cruise with someone and see tons of dolphins in the wild.

This resort I’m going to show you offers almost everything you wanted to an island. I’m talking about the very luxurious island of Baros. It’s one of best holiday destination in the Maldives. Truly such a paradise and leaves you in awe.

Baros famous The Lighthouse Restaurant


I can’t recommend tons of ways on how to get there except the things I know. I get there by Sri Lankan airline since I had my Sri Lankan trip first before I flew to the Maldives.

Also, read 11 Days in Sri Lanka: Things I loved about the country.

If you are coming from the Philippines or any South East Asian countries, there are so many flights to choose from.

One on the list is AirAsia via Kuala Lumpur. This is considered as the budget way to get there. You have also the option to take Cathay Pacific who also has its flight going to Male where their airport Velana International is located. I don’t think there is a direct flight from Manila so you need to get a connecting flight which offers you so many ways. This might be sound cliché but if you want to travel or planning to travel anytime soon, number one reminder always book your flight ahead of time for you to get cheaper flights.

I listed down, wonderful things I experienced in this island paradise. Things I enjoyed the most, and what the Baros Maldives can offer to its guest and some fun-fact about the island.

Baros Maldives recognized as 4th in the Top 25 Luxury Hotels in Asia and 2nd in the Top 10 Luxury Hotels in the Maldives. Aside from that, they are so proud to be voted as the Top Hotel for Romance in the Maldives that’s why this beautiful island paradise is always on the top list for honeymooners and even for a couple who wants to have their dream getaway. No doubt, after I’ve seen this paradise and exceed more than my expectations.

Another thing I love about Baros, after arrival at the airport, they will welcome you with open arms. By the way, transfer time between Baros Maldives and the Velana Airport is only 25 mins by speed boat from two hours travel by wooden-hulled Dhoni way back before. It’s so amazing, isn’t it?

Male (Velana) International Airport where you will wait for your pick up. (Lakas maka Batangas Pier mag Bes. Haha!)
The Baros reception area where you will be greeted by their friendly staff with the Villa host who will handle all your need in terms of the accommodation.

The first thing I noticed upon arrival in the island of Baros, the very white and powdery sand like no other. I was instantly amazed by it. I actually get a hand full of sand from the island as a souvenir. Too funny right?

First picture with their white sand beach. You will say wow in person more than on the picture, promise!
Looks unreal!

It’s beautiful Villas over water. The Maldives, in general, is very famous for these water villas beautifully designed and built on the shallow part of the blue turquoise water. And Baros did not fail me on their very owned water villas. A very picturesque place every corner of the wooden path walk going to the villas. Everybody’s dream I’m sure, like me.

Who else will not smile so hard like me here when you see this place?
Of course, I also had some photo ops during my stay here.
One beautiful morning. By the way, I did not stay in these villas, I just had my photos taken. LOL
Another one, with all the over-water villas at my back.
Every corner just deserved a picture.

Their beach villas which I am able to experience myself. If you will ask me which one is better to stay, I would still suggest for you to get beach villas. Yes, the water villa is very beautiful and picturesque as you think but it’s not advisable for a swim since it’s located in the shallow part of the water and sometimes it has a lot of corals so I still enjoyed the place where I stayed. Plus, it’s just in front of the beach so it’s easy to access the beach and swim. That’s about Baros Maldives and I am not generalizing the idea. I didn’t go to other island resort though. Might as well, when you are planning to visit the Maldives, search about the place carefully and also read some feedback like I am very fan about.

The beach villa where I stay for 5 days.
Beach villa has its own little cabana with two-wooden beach bed for more way to relax under the sun.
One more thing I like about staying in Beach Villa, the island itself has very rich vegetation that makes every villa private from each other.
Blue crystal water is just one run away from your villa too.

Too funny to share but I will. After I get settled into the room, I run right away onto the water. Of course, take off my clothes first and dive in. That is how much excited I am to be in the Maldives. I’m sure you will do the same if you see this paradise on earth in real life, I bet!

Such a paradise I must say!
Every corner deserved a walk and a shot!


The Sails Bar of Baros is also one good place I really enjoyed when I had my vacation there. Very relaxing day and night or whenever you want to have a drink or get some cocktail you really loved.

So quiet and relaxing. So comfortable to sit as well.
I tried to dine here. Just in front of the beach and it’s just so magical. Haha!
Just one of the snacks available anytime you feel hungry.
Honestly, my first time to see a black colored bun burger. Haha!

The Lime Restaurant which is one of their major restaurant on the island. This place serves as the heaven of foods in the morning and I can say one of the places I will never forget. The place itself is very relaxing already, though it’s a restaurant, it gives you the feeling of being home. They have a very friendly staff ever and I’m also lucky they have two Filipino staff which makes me happier. I liked that every morning before you enter the restaurant to get your seat, they have this eye-opener kind of juice which is mixed flavored of anything like ginger or mint or carrot and parsley and much more.

Come on let’s go!
The Lime main entrance.
This is their Infinity Pool just in front of the restaurant. If you feel like you already got too salty of the beach, you can take a dip in this pool for some relaxation. Overlooking the rest of Maldives of course.
Shot from apart. Such an amazing view right?
Literally, every morning is a heavy meal time of the day for them. A buffet is served.


Since I am not a good swimmer, I just enjoyed myself snorkeling around the warm, clear water of Baros. They will allow you to borrow a complete set of snorkeling gear for your best experience of the colorful and rich corals underneath the pristine water of the island. Too funny to say, I did snorkeling every day during my stay there.

Obligatory shot while snorkeling.
One more time!
Sample fishes you’ll see around the island.
Such a beauty under water.
I actually talking to this creatures under while I’m swimming. Haha!
Another selfie in the water after snorkeling.
Like a boss!
Feeling candid! Haha

Dolphins are very close to me since I worked before in Ocean Adventure which is a theme-park showcasing how talented dolphins are. So when I heard that Baros has its own excursion to its guest for them to see this sea creature live, I did not waste any more time to do it. Then I feel like a kid again after seeing tons of dolphins swimming around our yacht.

Nice treatment from Baros staff during our excursions. Let me have a selfie first!
Our driver during the tour around Atoll.
A nice hang out over the deck of the yacht.
Well, champagne is served. (Yayamanin bes!)
Another good shot.
Struggle in taking pictures of this creature is real.
I will not forget this moment. Apparently, the couple at my back is a honeymooner from England. According to them, if they have a baby after that holiday, they’ll give their baby a name “Baros”. Too funny!
What else will be the best way to end the tour but to watch this beautiful sunset going back to the island.
Aside from the activity and excursion I did, they also have much more things to do while on the island. Half day island discovery, fishing by twilight, Maldivian hand line trolling, glass bottom boat cruise to name the few. You will not get lost with these activities because it’s posted at the entrance of their Lime Restaurant. Lastly, every morning breakfast, it’s always on their menu to update every guest.


The island Baros has it’s Marine Center and Diving Center for diving enthusiast. What I liked about it, the friendly staff who will assist you anytime you need something from the center of snorkeling gear and more. They also discuss to you all the fish available and you might see at the island when you snorkel and they will ask you to come back to them and check to them what kind of fish you will see.

This way, please!
Marine Center for all your diving needs.
Another shot from the very picturesque The Lighthouse restaurant.
A place where you can sit or lay down while watching the beauty of Baros and it’s for everyone.
If you feel like you wanted to feel the fresh air, why not hang out at the hammock available for everyone too. A very nice view awaits you here.

And there you have it. Some of the things I loved about Baros and the Maldives. Baros is truly a paradise on earth. Wonderful place with amazing people who made my stay really fun and relaxing like no other.

The place where you will have your first step on the island and also the place where the speed boat pick you up when you are about to leave. Another one good gesture I’ve seen to the staff of Baros, they will send you off until to the speed boat and wave at you until you are out of sight. So heart-touching right?

Baros definitely exceeds my expectation on what the Maldives has to offer to everyone. It’s a dream come true for me, to see this wonderful place and even tried some of the activities you can do in the country. Before I was dreaming to come here, now I’m still dreaming but to come back soon. Hopefully! Feel free to comment and share.

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